Our Crew

All crew members trained in Canada, Europe, Singapore or USA to HKS exacting standards

All crew members are approved under Canadian OH&S standards and North American OSHA standards.

Each Contract under control of site based Operations Manager.

Each 24 hour Contract additionally supported by 'Night Supervisor

Work in all South Americas Countries attended by at least one site based engineer.

All Hydro Kleen Pigging crew members will attend refinery site safety inductions.


Hydro Kleen Systems

In 1993, Hydro Kleen Systems Canada was formed to address the issues of fired heater pigging. As a privately owned Company, resources were committed in the early phase knowing the risks involved but with a determination to develop a process to fully satisfy the refining industry.

Since then, with the HKS® Pigging System, HKS has grown worldwide while maintaining its structure as a family business. HKS' success is firmly rooted in the specialization of this field of expertise.

Using quality, wholly owned, patented technology and equipment as well as being supported by committed and highly experienced personnel, the following presentation is a testament to the growing acceptance of HKS for fast and thorough fired heater maintenance.
In 2002, Hydro Kleen Systems de Venezuela C.A. was formed to provide the "Pinnacle Pigging Process" to the South American and Caribbean Market. HKS Venezuela is a National Company and licenses the "Pinnacle Pigging System" for use in this territory.

HKS Venezuela is established in Venezuela with a Corporate Office in Caracas and a Service Location in Puerto La Cruz.

Technical Data

• Hydro Kleen Venezuela Technical Data
• Clean water Tank capacity: 11,400 Litres
• Clean water supply: 3 cu.m. /hour (both engines).
• Effluent Tank Capacity: 6,000 Liters
• Effluent flow: 400 liter/min
• Diesel Tank capacity: 2100 Liters
• Diesel Consumption: 40 Liters/hour (per engine)


Frecuently Asked -ions

How long does A 'TYPICAL DECOKE' take?
A typical 4 pass heater takes about 48 hours to complete, depending upon the configuration and coke build-up.

Does the abrasive pig damage the heater tubes?
Part of the reason for the overwhelming success of the "PINNACLE PIGGING SYSTEM" is that the pig appendages are designed to NOT damage the tubes. The final 'polishing' pig utilizes materials that are much softer that the tube metalurgy to ensure no damage.

What sizes of tubes can be pig decoked?
The "PINNACLE PIGGING SYSTEM" is capable of cleaning tubes from 2" ID to 12" ID or greater if required.

What types of heaters can be pigged?
Most fired heaters or 'Once Through Steam Generators' are 'pigable', although some with 'common header' designs may require modification. The common process heaters such as Delayed Coker, Atmospheric Cude, Vacuum Crude, FCC, Resid etc are pigged on a regular basis.

Can a Vacuum Crude Heater with incremental tube sizes be pigged?
YES. By utilizing launcher/receivers of the appropriate inlet and outlet dimensions, each tube size is pigged individually. The process is bit more time consuming, but equally efficient.

Can heaters with "mule-ear" type return plug headers be pigged?
YES. Modifications are NOT required for the "PINNACLE PIGGING SYSTEM" process. The patented 'soft-core' pig is designed to negotiate these returns with no problems.

What volume of water is used?
An estimated volume of 80,000 gallons is used in a 'typical' decoke. By using HKS Venezuela filtration equipment, water consumption can be reduced by 75% or more !!!

Can a degreaser or a soda ash solution be used if necessary?
Yes. Either solution can be incorporated into the process with very little effort. Normally though, clear water at ambient temperatures are used.

How do we arrange for a visit or quotation?
Please, only call an HKS Venezuela Representative as listed in the "CONTACTS" section of this web page. We will be pleased to visit your facility or provide a 'budget purposes only' quotation.



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